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EA Have Announcement About Star Wars Battlefront

Electronic Arts Announcement about Battlefront DLC EA have today said on twitter they have no plans of adding any further DLC for Star Wars Battlefront. This would seem as though EA and Dice are concentrating on the sequel Battlefront 2. The last DLC for Battlefront

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Payday 3 Is In Development

Starbreeze Studios Announcement Payday developer Starbreeze Studios has revealed that a third Payday is in development. Sadly it was said that it will be done when it’s done and there is no release window for the game yet. Starbreeze has said Payday 3 is in

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Microsoft Free Multiplayer And Games Access

Microsoft are giving everyone the chance to try Multiplayer and a couple of games from the 16th to the 19th of February The two games Microsoft are giving access to are NBA 2K17 and Rocket League! You will be able to download both of these

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Activision Announcement Crash Is Back!

Activision Announcement In a post from Twitter big Activision announcement coming: Yeah, we're pretty excited too! — Activision (@Activision) February 15, 2017   We look forward to information on Crash later today!

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Microsoft E3 Announcement 11th June 2017

Microsoft E3 Announcement Microsoft have announced that we should all be braced for a briefing on the 11th June 2017 at E3! Xbox Scorpio by any chance 👍 Dont forget to check out our rumours page for all the latest Scorpio and gaming rumours.