Nike Apple Watch 42mm Series 2 Review

The Nike Apple Watch 42mm Series 2

I’d like to start off with how good this watch looks with the striking luminous Volt and black band with Space Grey Aluminium case combined with the special clock faces on the watch display itself, it’s simply stunning! The display quality is fantastic, its very bright, clear and the interface is smooth and user friendly!

Comfort & Build Quality

Comfort of the watch is also great and I love the way the strap tucks into the inside of the band once on so there is no chance of catching it on anything, as well as how easy the watch is to remove and put back on due to the pin just inserting into one of the holes on the strap making the watch extremely adjustable and great for wrists of all sizes. The bands are very easy to remove from the case if you wanted to change or clean them, there are little buttons on the underside to press in and the bands just slide out of the side of the case.
The bands are replaceable with other Apple straps but the Nike one in the picture above only comes with this watch and cannot be bought separate at the time of writing, hopefully Apple will end up stocking these straps as they really do look better than the others they sell in my opinion, Apple do sell different colors of the Nike watch so selling them different colored Nike straps would give more variety people who need the watch for different occasions or just like to have the other colors
The four colors in the Nike Series 2 Apple Watch are:

Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black/Volt Nike Sport Band 

Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black/Cool Grey Nike Sport Band

Silver Aluminium Case with Flat Silver/White Nike Sport Band

Silver Aluminium Case with Flat Silver/Volt Nike Sport Band

Click each one to see all the different colors for the Nike versions, all watch cases come in two different size’s the 38mm £369 and the 42mm £399

The watch is very well built as we have all become accustomed to with Apple products, I have used the watch for over two months without a protective case or screen protector and it hasn’t got a mark on it. It’s also water resistant up to 50m, I have tested this, I’m happy and relieved to report this claim is true! The watch itself is very lightweight and comfortable so definitely gets a thumbs up for comfort.

Battery Life & Charging

Charging the watch is very easy it comes with a fold up 3 pin UK plug and then a USB lead with a wireless charger on the end, all you do is put the watch on the top of that and it magnetically connects and charges. If you put the Watch on its side it will show the time like a clock so ideal if your charging on your desk or overnight. One of the major downfalls to the watch is actually battery life, I have not had a single problem with the watch apart form the battery life is pretty short but in all honesty i think that is to be expected. It’s not as bad as the Series one but will require charging after a day and if your constantly on it maybe sooner. Charging the watch is very quick and usually an hour or so and you are good for another day.


  • Some of the advertised features for the Nike Apple watch Series 2:
  • S2 dual-core processor
  • Built-in GPS and GLONASS
  • Water resistant 50 metres
  • Ion-X glass
  • 2x brighter OLED Retina display with Force Touch (1000 nits)
  • Digital Crown
  • Heart rate sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Direct fire speaker and microphone
  • Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz)
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Up to 18 hours of battery life
  • watchOS 3


  • I’m going to list some of the Apps I have been using:
  • Receive and send Text messages
  • Receive and make Phone calls
  • Send and Receive emails
  • Satellite navigation
  • Apply Pay
  • Football Results applications
  • Calculator
  • Calendar functions
  • Take pictures on your phone from your watch (The watch screen displays what the phones camera is showing)
  • Control Music on your phone
  • Internet Banking
  • Weather Forecasts
  • Nike’s running application
  • Heart rate Monitor and all other fitness watch programs
  • News Applications
  • Remote start/Lock and track If car has equipment to use this
  • There are also many many more, this watch is basically a very small version of your phone and can do pretty much all what you phone can!



I would recommend getting a case and screen protector to protect your investment as shown in the picture below as you can see it doesn’t really add much bulk to the watch but as I’ve previously said the watch is very well made and strong so not essential.

The case shown below is a Spigen Case, screen protector was included.




As a fitness watch i cant fault it the tracking on the GPS is fantastic and there are some great Apps on the store that track everything from calories intake to steps per day. The watch will even tell you to stand up if you have been sitting for to long as well as telling you to take a minute out of the rush we call life to just sit and breath! Being waterproof finally you can take the watch in the pool and swim with it on which is something most others have not being doing Including the FitBit Surge i had previously. If you do take it in water there is a button in the menu that will make the speaker vibrate to push out any water.




Last but not least how does it perform as a Watch!?



Something i thought i should add is how does it get on being the thing it was actually originally designed to be. The watch as a watch is brilliant the display is sharp and clear and is extremely well lit so shows very well in full sunlight (Not that we get much of that) The alarm is also very good and i actually don’t tend to use the alarm on my phone anymore as being woken up by small vibrations on my arm rather than the loud noises from my phone is much nicer, if you are a heavy sleeper, the watch can beep on the alarm if need be. One very handy feature the watch does have, especially for me as i always lose my phone is an alarm that can be triggered on the phone so you can hear where it is and also the flashlight will flash if your looking in the dark…. If only they made one of them for your car keys and wallet! Idea for you there Apple!




  • Striking standout designs
  • Comfortable band
  • Water Resistant
  • Nike version is the same price as standard version
  • Charging is easy and quick
  • Brilliant bright and clear screen
  • Usual great Build quality by Apple
  • Very simple to use


  • Better battery life would have been nice
  • Options to buy other Nike bands


 Great watch, good design and build quality as well as having loads of helpful everyday applications. Battery life could be better but a massive improvement over the series one. Nike bands and clock styles really standout.

If you are going to buy are Apple watch series 2 go for the Nike one as its the same price, you get the bands and clock faces that can’t be added on the standard series 2 and also if the styling isn’t something you would like all the time you can buy and fit any of the series 2 bands to your watch and change the clock display to suit.


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