Do Oculus Have A Major Prototype Up Their Sleeve Or Should We Say In Hand….

The Oculus Research Lab team had a surprise visit from Facebook CEO, Chairman and Cofounder Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg in a post on Facebook shows him wearing what looked like a prototype of an Oculus glove type controller.

His Caption from Facebook Said:

I just visited our Oculus Research lab in Redmond, Washington where some of the best scientists and engineers in the world are pushing the boundaries of virtual and augmented reality.

The team is led by Michael Abrash and focuses on things like advanced optics, eye tracking, mixed reality and new ways to map the human body. The goal is to make VR and AR what we all want it to be: glasses small enough to take anywhere, software that lets you experience anything, and technology that lets you interact with the virtual world just like you do with the physical one.

Oculus Rift is already the best VR experience you can buy — and the technology being built in this lab right now makes me want the future to get here a lot sooner.

He also said:

“We’re working on new ways to bring your hands in virtual and augmented reality. Wearing these gloves, you can draw, type on a virtual keyboard, and even shoot webs like Spider Man. That’s what I’m doing here”.

You have to feel this is next big leap for VR and hope that the games will accompany this but it does seem that there are some very interesting and exciting things to come for VR and it wont be going away anytime soon!

What do you think of this latest Prototype? Do you have VR if not would this make you invest? Let us know in the comments box below

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