Sony Are Looking To Join The Rift And Vive With Latest Patent Application

Will Sony’s PSVR be getting an upgrade?

Sony have put in an Patent application for a lighthouse style tracking tracking system for their VR headset.

It is thought Sony will be trying to use a similar type of system as the Vive. This would be a massive boost for the PSVR and would really be bringing the fight to HTC and Oculus.

PSVR has already been a good success with titles such as Resident Evil in VR being one of the best VR titles to date and Sony really helped themselves by getting a year of that being exclusive to them.

What is not certain is will this technology ever hit the PSVR headset or will it be held back for their next headset. All that aside its encourging that big companies are completely backing VR and im sure Microsoft will have something in the works once the Xbox Scorpio is here!

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