Project Wight Sneak Peak

Project Wight Sneak Peak



Just a sneak peak into Project Wight, revealed back in November 2016 this looks pretty impressive! Very few details on the game but the video footage from the trailer looks very promising.


The studio behind Project Wight are The Outsiders consisting of 12 members and founded by two former Battlefield 3 developers David Goldfarb and Benjamin Cousins.
Co-Founder David Goldfarb was a lead designer for Battlefield 3 and director on Payday 2. David said in an interview that he wanted to develop a role-playing game and explore systemic storytelling.


In Project Wight you take the role of a young Creature. Humans Hunt and kill such beasts and your kind are pretty much extinct, you watch your recently slaughtered father and see the humans hacking away at his corpse, presumably to take a trophy.
As a young creature you are weak against even the weakest of humans, your main strengths will be sneaking, climbing and jumping! Absolutely no chance against the humans but when you are a full grown creature things are very different!!
As an adult creature you will be Stronger, More Violent, able to fly and run faster but you won’t be running from the humans, you will be running at them as your completely ripping them apart or throwing them off ledges!

Release Information:

Nothing as of yet has been released about the official release date but it has been predicted it won’t release in 2017. Also not been confirmed on any platform apart from PC.
We think this could really be one to keep an eye on! We will be adding information to this as we get it.

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