Nintendo The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Limited Edition

Nintendo’s Mr Aonuma Unboxing Of Limited Edition Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Nintendo’s official Facebook page for The Legend of Zelda released a video showing you all of the contents included in the limited edition Breath of the Wild package.

It firstly features the soundtrack CD, which Aonuma said they put a lot of effort into the soundtrack for Breath of the Wild – which you can clearly tell from all of the game’s trailers! CD’s are always a favourite of mine to have with games, especially ones in the Zelda franchise.
Secondly is, of course, the game itself! In the video Aonuma talks about the cover art (which is fantastic as always!).

There’s not a whole lot to be said about the game as it’s just the standard version of Breath of the Wild.

The third and final thing is quite large and is in fact, another box inside the box! The box is decorated with Zelda logos, some in English and some in Japanese. The inside is protected and finally, inside of the box is a beautiful looking statue of the Master Sword of Resurrection! Next to the sword is a flower growing from the grass stand, making it look even more special. The grass is a deep green which is incredibly eye catching, let alone how eye catching the Master Sword itself is!

Overall, the limited edition of Breath of the Wild is beautiful and well worth its money!
The limited edition of Breath of the Wild retails for £89.99 on Nintendo’s official website but also includes a plain black t-shirt with a dark blue print of the Shiekah symbol.

With March 3rd fast approaching the next week will be a massive one for Nintendo and all It’s fans!

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