HTC Vive Announcements To Kick Off GDC 2017 And MWC 2017

HTC Vive Getting Added Extra’s

GDC and MWC 2017 got some big announcements from HTC. The company has confirmed the HTC Vive Tracker and Deluxe Audio Strap will both be available for £99.99 each and is on view in Valve’s booth at this years GDC and MWC.

The Vive tracker will be available to order for developers on March 27th and then later in the year for everyone else.

With the tracker costing £99.99 it seems good value and if it works to it’s potential it could be a game changer for HTC. The ability to put any object in the game with you is an amazing concept that HTC is making reality.

The Vive Deluxe Audio Strap is designed to add integrated audio and an all round more comfortable experience, the strap will be available to pre-order May 2nd to release around June time.

HTC also announced a new finance program for the Vive although at this moment in time it’s only for North America and China, this shows that VR is just out of the price range for some and just makes the unit more accessible to everyone.

Interesting stuff coming from HTC, I imagne all Oculus owners will be hoping for some news about upgrades to the setup in the near future too.

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