Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Unboxing and Review

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Unboxing and Quick Review

Ok so today we finally have the Launch of the Nintendo Switch!! Some of us maybe finding the joy-cons a little on the small side but don’t worry Nintendo have that covered with their new Switch Pro Controller.

First impressions are wow it looks like an Xbox One Controller and that’s because it basically is! The layout on both controllers are pretty much identical. The Xbox One controller is slightly more comfortable in my opinion due to having a slightly bulkier back and a bit more to grab onto (take that as you will!) I am however comparing the Switch Pro controller to Microsoft’s top of the line XBox One Elite controller which is a whopping £120!! (on offer for £112 on Amazon). The Switch Pro Controller can be had for around £60, while some may argue that’s a lot, it’s really not as most Xbox One and PS4 controllers are around this price. If you want more comfort than the Joy-Cons this is a brilliant option. The Pro controller also includes Nintendo’s highly rated HD Rumble, motion controls and built-in amiibo functionality in a more traditional form and for less money than the Joy-Con controllers. The only thing missing is the IR Blaster which the Joy-Cons include.

The controller feels well made and lightweight so you won’t feel fatigue on them long late night Zelda sessions!

Button Layout:

D-pad feels better than a standard Xbox One controller but I have never been a fan of them, the Elite D-pad is much better and the Switch Pros is not far behind it.

Analogue sticks are really comfortable and the little ridge running around the inside really helps with grip to stop fingers slipping off. You have all the usual button inputs of A, B, X, Y, + and -, then the triggers and bumpers on the top R, L, ZL, ZR. The Switch Pro Controller also has a home button and another button which is completely unmarked that is a screen capture button.

Triggers are all a nice solid click and the same for the analogue sticks when you push down on them. The X, Y, A, B buttons have a fair bit of travel on them and don’t feel quite as good as an Xbox One Controller.


Nope no batteries here!! The Switch Pro controller uses a rechargeable battery which built in, this is charged off a USB-C cable which is included. Take note Microsoft the £120 Elite controller unbelievably didn’t even have a rechargeable battery! Nintendo has always been pretty reliable for decent battery life and so far for me with the Pro controller they are keeping up with that tradition.


Many are criticising the price of the controller, I personally have no problem with the price of it and think it is good value if you are struggling with the Joy-Con controllers. There is also the added bonus, if you are a PC gamer like myself that you can use the Pro controller on the PC.


Great build quality, comfortable and light weight. While some may argue the £65 price tag is steep, I think it is worth it. With some serious technology in this controller including the much acclaimed HD Rumble this could be one of the most advanced controllers on the market. A little more bulk at the back would have added to comfort but in time I’m sure I will get used to it.

Score: 9/10


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