Is It Really Worth Upgrading From Wii U To The Switch For Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Is It Really Worth Upgrading From Wii U To The Switch For Zelda Breath Of The Wild


So with Zelda Breath Of The Wild finally releasing this month I, like most others received my Nintendo Switch with my copy of Breath Of The Wild.

As most of us all thought Breath Of The Wild will be a better experience on the Switch most upgraded from our old Wii U consoles, with the game going to be nothing short of a masterpiece, we all received the latest Nintendo hardware to experience Breath Of The Wild on?

Was it really worth the upgrade?

The resolution on the Switch is 900p with the Wii U only outputting 720p.

Thanks to Digital Foundry with video they uploaded onto YouTube linked below, clearly shows that apart from a slightly better resolution and graphics in places both platforms perform very similar! The game has been in development for over four years on the Wii U hardware so in some ways you would expect the Wii U console to still run the game well. We would however have hoped with Nintendo releasing the game alongside their latest hardware the Nintendo Switch that we would see a fairly significant performance boost over the aging Wii U.

Is 20FPS acceptable?

As the video shows docked mode framerates are set to 30FPS and will at times dip and hardlocks to 20FPS on both platforms, we would have liked to see a big improvement on the Switch compared to the Wii U. Nintendo Should be aiming higher than just giving up 20-30fps for brand new next gen hardware, especially showcasing a game like breath of the wild. It’s scary to Imagine how this game would have looked and ran on Project Scorpio or PS4 Pro.

Benefit of playing on the Switch compared to Wii U.

The only benefit to having Breath Of The Wild on the Switch is the fact you can play the game anywhere and also slightly better resolution from it when docked. In portable mode the game runs great and no noticeable FPS slowdowns and looks fantastic on the Switches 720p screen. In all honesty is the game really worth upgrading to the Switch to play it on if you already own a Wii U?

I’d have to say probably not especially with the very limited amount of titles on offer at launch.

Which version will you be opting for or even already brought? Do you think it’s worth the upgrade?

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