Witcher 4 Is Coming In The Future

Witcher 4 Is Coming In The Future


With the Witcher 3 regarded as one of the best RPG games to ever be released it was always inevitable tha at some point in the future we would be blessed with the Witcher 4 by once a small developer, CD Projekt Red.

In the Witcher series you follow the story of Geralt, a monster hunter with incredible abilities and unique training. The game world is huge with stunning visuals as well as fantastic stories along the way. Geralt of Rivia will be tasked with ridding the world of all sorts of foul beasts that are scattered around the land.

Now with the Witcher 3 already being an expansive game in itself with DLC adding near 20 hours of extra gameplay, players have been calling out for more! Thankfully the CEO of CD Projekt Red Adam Kicinski has answered saying it wouldn’t be fair on the fans of the series to stop making Witcher games.  The CEO went on to say while they wanted to give the series a rest but there will in fact be a Witcher 4!

Not adding any spoilers if you are of a small minority who haven’t played the Witcher 3 yet but we may end up with a new hero instead of Geralt, but with the great characters available, CD Projekt Red will have a decent selection to choose from.

While fans of the series will be desperate for the latest addition to the Witcher series, sadly they might have a long wait till around late 2018-2019 time as the company are currently working on the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 in which the developers have said they think will do better than the Witcher series! One positive to the wait will be this is huge news for Project Scorpio and PS4 Pro as who knows how stunning the Witcher 4 would be on that next gen hardware!

If you are new to the series now would be the time to pick it up and get it completed before the next addition! Sadly if you are a fan and already played it, you are going to have a long wait!

The Witcher 3 game of the year edition including all DLC can be found on Steam HERE

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