Football Manager 2017 Free For This Weekend Plus 50% Off

Football Manager 2017 Free For This Weekend Plus 50% Off

Fans of the hugely popular Football Manager series will get the chance to try the latest offering from Sports Interactive for free this weekend!

From today players will have the chance to play the full version of Football Manager 2017 through Steam (PC, Mac and Linux) completely free!

Players will be able to have a full 72 hours experience of the Manager Sim starting from 17:00 March 23rd, through until 20:00 March 26th.

If you do end up getting addicted to the sim like many many before you, there will be a 50% off the retail price throughout the weekend and for a further 24 hours after that!

Fear not if you do manage to drag your low league team up to the top of the table, you will not have to start again because if you do purchase the full version any progress you make will be carried over!

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