Mirage: Arcane Warfare PC Closed Beta Goes Live Ahead Of Launch

Mirage: Arcane Warfare PC Closed Beta Goes Live


Mirage: Arcane Warfare is the next title from the creators of the PC hit Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. The closed beta will be open to a selected few and presents a near- final version of the game including, all six playable character classes, five different game modes, all maps that will be rotated throughout the beta for a total of 11 unique environments.

The closed beta will now run from March 27th all the way up until around two week before the games official launch on May 23rd.

In this time we will be live streaming to our YouTube channel so feel free to subscribe to us on YouTube get notified when this will be happening, along with other great game footage and reviews. Also check back on the website as we will be adding footage to an updated post previewing the game.

Check it out HERE

Players can gain access to the Mirage: Arcane Warfare closed beta by preordering the game on Steam for £22.99, minus a ten percent discount for anyone who already owns Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Also from now until an undisclosed time Chivalry can be acquired for free.

Maps and modes playable at the beginning of the beta:

  • Mode: Capture Point; Maps: Bridge, Sunken City
  • Mode: Capture the Flag; Maps: Drydock, Lighthouse
  • Mode: Push; Map: Courtyard
  • Mode: Team Deathmatch; Map: RockBottom, Sunken City
  • Mode: Team Objective; Map: Bazaar


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