Battle Chasers Nightwar Preview

Battle Chasers Nightwar Preview

Battle Chasers Nightwar is a Random dungeon crawler with turn-based combat, crafting and rich storytelling.

The game is being published by THQ Nordic and is set for a late Summer, early autumn 2017 release.

Players will find Battle Chasers is based on the infamous American comic books from 1998 by Joe Madureira (ex Marvel)

Joe left the series on a major cliffhanger after going off to work on the Darksiders series. The game is totally based on the art style, characters and world from the comics.

After completing the short demo of Battle Chasers i’m pleased to say the whole experience was really good! The art style based on the comics was beautiful and really pleasing on the eye, as well as having no performance problems at all with everything running smooth with zero lag.

Players Will Need To Make Their Way Through Levels

Each area will require the player to guide the selected character through the level, during this time battles can happen by making contact with enemies that are scattered around the level/map.
Some characters can avoid combat with special abilities such as dash to get past enemies or traps or the stun ability to daze enemies while players progress past!

Turn Based Combat

I personally enjoyed the combat system with it’s turn based style, special burst attacks and characters all being sightly different in their style which would effect how they are used in battle. Some are strong healers where as others are more powerful and cause massive damage to the enemies.

Enemies on the game all had a fair amount of variety, as well as some being a fair challenge making players always consider the best approach for attack.

Dungeons were beautifully designed and and randomly generated, completely loaded with traps, puzzles, secrets and loads of loot!

6 Different Characters With Unique Abilities

The game also allows you to build your party of heroes and gives players the chance to choose three of the six available heroes on offer! Each character will have it’s own unique abilities, perks, items and dungeon skills. As well as choosing a team players will also be able to level up the characters which unlock new abilities and perk points.


Another thing players can do in Battle Chasers is crafting! Crafting stations are randomly placed throughout the dungeons and players will be able to use the unique ingredient-overloading system to create items! Players will need to make sure they make the most of the found crafting station as they might not find another one for quite sometime!

Sounds And Music Fit Well

Background music while wasn’t overpowering always seemed to blend in nicely with what was happening on screen at the time, the sound effects did impress with really punchy accurate sounds that fit in with the action perfectly.

Got a Little Wait But Will Be One To Keep An Eye On!

From the short time spent with Battle Chasers it really could be one to watch for the future. While the demo was short it has left us wanting to carry on the adventure!

Below is the gameplay video of the short demo:

Just a quick thankyou to the developers for sending us the short demo to preview!

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