Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition Makes Way Onto e-Shop

Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition Makes Way Onto e-Shop

Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch is finally available to download from the e-Shop for the price of £20, this version also includes the Super Mario themed World to explore!

Players will be able to enter the Minecraft Super Mario themed world and experience the mash-up pack which is complete with Mario Style textures, skins and themed music.

Other themes are also free with this version such as the Festive World, Halloween World, Chinese Mythology World and Greek Mythology World. Players will also have the chance to purchase DLC to add even more themed worlds to the game as the pictures below show.

The e-Shop for Nintendo is starting to fill out with some good titles now, Minecraft has to be classed as a must buy for anyone who is a fan and runs perfect on the Nintendo Switch in portable and TV mode and also features online multiplayer and local multiplayer. From the short amount of time spent with the game so far we would have to say this is the best version of Minecraft yet and feels perfect on the Switch!

Exciting months ahead with the release of many much anticipated titles such as ARMS on June 16th, Splatoon 2 July 21st and the hugely anticipated Super Mario Odyssey coming sometime this year!

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