Days Gone 1.07 Update Is Now Live.

After a bit of a rocky start and some mixed reviews Days Gone has received yet another patch to iron out a few more bugs, this time however it’s correcting bugs that were created in the last patch released which was 1.06.

1.06 while fixing some issues created a couple of new ones including some crashing and freezing on the Playstation 4 consoles, this is fixed in patch 1.07 by removing the autosave fix. The 1.07 patch also addresses the games audio problem where an audio bug would cause the in-game motorcycle audio to drop out randomly.

This is the seventh patch since Days Gone was released April 26th, while it is a shame the game has some of these bugs at launch it’s great to see the developers are actually working hard to correct all of the games flaws and polish the experience. This is great news for anyone that has held off buying the game at release but not so much for anyone who rushed straight out to buy it at launch or even pre-ordered.

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