Resident Evil 3 confirms a very creepy enemy in it’s upcoming remake

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Resident Evil 3 isn’t far from launch now coming April 3rd and Capcom have busy feeding fans with lots of details about their highly anticipated release. The latest information being fed out is the confirmation of a certain and familiar enemy type from the series!

Officially known as Sliding Worms, these things look like snakes and attack in groups! Once you are close enough these delightful creatures will jump and latch onto you and suck your blood!

Sliding Worm Image

They aren’t the most powerful enemy your going to come across in the game and with a decent shot they can easily be dealt with, in a group however things are slightly more tricky. With ammo always being scarce these things can cause major problems while trying to reserve it!

We can’t wait for the launch of Resident Evil 3 and it is coming around pretty fast, what enemies are you looking forward to encountering most? Tell us in the comments below!

Resident Evil 3 will launch April 3rd on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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