PS5 is the Better Console According To Crytek Engineer

Update: Since the post was published the interview with Ali Salehi had been removed from Vigiato due to personal reasons, the interview has been archived and can still be found HERE

An interview with Cryteks rendering engineer Ali Salehi has revealed how he feels about the next gen consoles coming at the end of the year.

Salehi was speaking to Persian gaming website Vigiato (Twitter user @man4dead translated) He was talking about the power difference between the two consoles from Microsoft & Sony. There has been alot of speculation over the last few months about the power of both consoles and most report that the Series X from Microsoft has the crown when it comes to raw power, however Cryteks rendering engineer said not all is what it seems.

If what Salehi is saying is true then we can only assume it’s not all down to the pure out and out power of the console, instead maybe how it is used.

Playstation lead architect Mark Cerny has pointed out that it will be easier for the PS5 to reach it’s peak performance over the Series X. “The developers are saying PS5 is the easiest console they have ever coded on to reach its peak performance”, he said. “Software-wise, coding for PS5 is extremely simple and has so many abilities that make the [developers] so free. In total, I can say PS5 is a better console.”

The big bragging rights is TFLOPs, the Series X will win the race here but if it can actually hit the numbers stated is another thing altogether as it will depend if all the parts inside can work efficiently within the Series X alongside the GPU as well.

That’s why you can’t care much about these numbers. But if all parts can work efficiently in Xbox Series X alongside its GPU, It can hit that number in practice, Which doesn’t seem so possible. Beside all these, there’s a software part too.

Salehi One of the reasons for this is the console’s software, and another one is it’s use of two different RAM parts, differing in bandwidth. This means developing for the Series X maybe a little more challenging.

The thing we saw in PCs, was DX12 and Vulkan. Without change in hardware, with change in the architecture of the software you can use the hardware better.
This is applicable to the consoles too. Sony runs PS5 on its own OS but Microsoft uses a custom version of Windows

According to Salehi, developers will want to use the higher-bandwidth as much as possible, which might cause some issues.

Because the the total amount of things we want to put in the fast part is so much that it may cause problems. And if we want to support 4k it will be another whole story.
So there will be somethings that will hold the gpu off.

Salehi was also asked about the difference in compute units between the PS5 and Xbox Series X. The PS5 GPU has less compute units compared to the series but the TFLOPs difference isn’t really that big.

Therefore, despite the huge difference in CU count, They don’t have that much of Tflops difference. An Interesting thing that one of IGN’s journalists said. He said XSX is like a V8 motor and PS5 is like a V6 one turbo boosted to the max for best efficiency.

Despite having locked CPU and GPU frequencies, the Series X will only reach its full potential under the most ideal circumstances, whereas the PS5 will mostly work on its peak 10.28TFLOPs.

Than XSX. This will make the console work mostly on the 10.28 Tflops. But in XSX, since the other parts of the gpu work slower due to the lower clock speed, it actually works a lot at lower Tflops most often and reaches 12 only at ideal situations.

These are very interesting quotes from Crytek’s rendering engineer but I guess only time will tell in the end but the race for the most powerful console is only just beginning and we can’t wait!

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