Phil Spencer Tells How Xbox Will Deal With Competition From Tech Giants Amazon, Facebook and Apple

Phil Spencer Tells How Xbox Will Deal With Competition From Tech Giants Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

After speaking in a recent CNBC interview, Phil Spencer was asked about competition from big tech giants like Amazon, Facebook and Apple who are entering the market.

Phil went on to say:

We’re seeing the big tech players come in and see this gaming opportunity.. we really think in order to achieve success you need great content, a large gaming community and more and more we’re leveraging our cloud assets at Microsoft to deliver our products to people on the devices they already have.

We have a long history, and it’s why the 90 million people on Xbox Live is a really important metric, a community of people already coming to Microsoft looking for their gaming entertainment, looking for those great games, those great Minecraft experiences. we have great content from our first party and our third parties on our platform.

We have a large community and this cloud asset which is something we’re really leveraging right now, the partnership between Xbox and Azure is very strong right now. We have hundreds of thousands of people even in our preview (of xCloud service) we haven’t even launched our cloud streaming in general availability yet, but hundreds and thousands of people are playing Xbox games with their community via Project xCloud.

As we look forward I think the competition is going to be there just like you say but I think our long history in gaming, Microsoft is building up this community and large content base along with our strengthened Azure makes us uniquely positioned.

The interview is well worth a listen as Phil goes on to talk about the history that Microsoft has built up, security and protection for it’s younger audience and some of things people have been benefiting from during this lock-down period we are all in at the moment.

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