PS5 Hardware Accelerated Tempest Engine Will Be A Massive Boost To The CPU – Hellpoint Developer

PS5 Hardware Accelerated Tempest Engine Will Be A Massive Boost To The CPU – Hellpoint Developer

Details for Sony’s next gen console are still pretty thin on the ground, we don’t even know what the console looks like yet as Sony seems to be holding their cards pretty close to their chest, however a fair few developers have mentioned one feature it has that has caught their eye and that’s Tempest.

Tempest is a custom 3D audio engine and although we won’t be sure how much difference it will make until we actually hear it, Tempest does have lots of potential!

Technical Director at Cradle Games with upcoming game Soulslike, Marc-André Jutras was talking to GamingBolt in a recent interview, Marc-Andre went on to talk about Tempest and said although 3D audio has been around a while the fact that the PS5 will handle it on the hardware end of things means that not only will it be much easier to implement, it will also be a huge boost to the console’s CPU.

“3D audio has been around for a long while,”

“You could have it running on existing consoles easily… but not a lot of game do, because it pretty much takes too much CPU time. Until now, it had to run software.”

“But now it’s hardware accelerated,”

“It means there’s no reason not to use it. For us, it will most likely mean PS5 might sound better with the flick of a switch. Assuming you have the audio system to handle that. Also means we could have a CPU thread freed from heavy audio computation! Even if both consoles had exactly the same CPU, having a specific task being hardware accelerated can be a huge boost for the CPU.”

We are still yet to hear release date details for the PS5 although there is a rumour a reveal event will be sometime in June so keep an eye out for that, Hellpoint however was delayed recently but is still due out sometime later this year.

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