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Payday 2 VR Coming to HTC Vive

Payday 2 VR Beta Coming to HTC Vive     HTC Vive users who already own PayDay 2 will be able to experience the VR beta of the game for free come November 16th. Cooperative play between VR and non VR will allow users to

Oculus add Tilt Brush by Google

Oculus add Tilt Brush by Google Tilt Brush by Google and one of HTC Vive’s best applications can now be found on the Oculus store and Steam. Google Tilt brush was only available for the HTC Vive but now has been added to the Oculus

Valve Developing Three VR Games

Valve are creating three VR games:   “Right now we’re building three VR games,” and “When I say we’re building three games, we’re building three full games, not experiments,” this said by Valve founder and president Gabe Newell at a media roundtable. Newell went on

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