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Nintendo Joy-Con Fix Announcement

Nintendo Joy-Con Announcement As some of you may have experienced this past month, the Joy-Cons from Nintendo’s latest console do have a few issues from lag and disconnecting as well as a few other problems which I covered last month. I personally had these issues and while

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Works With PC

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Works With PC In a recent YouTube video by DreWoof it has been confirmed that not only the Nintendo Switch Pro controller works on the PC but the Joy-Con too! The controller will connect through Bluetooth as did the Pro Controller, sadly

Nintendo Addressing Joy-Con Issues

Nintendo Addressing Joy-Con Issues Some users are having trouble with their Joy-Con controllers, from not responding well to controllers lagging and ghosting where your character will move without you touching the control stick. I have experienced this myself with Snipperclips a few times. Nintendo have

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