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Project Scorpio Specs Announced

Project Scorpio Specs Announced Digital Foundry have the latest specs for the latest Microsoft console Project Scorpio! Please watch the video below thanks to Digital Foundry   Most may be a little confused by the specs, one thing is for sure though Microsoft is making

Witcher 4 Is Coming In The Future

Witcher 4 Is Coming In The Future   With the Witcher 3 regarded as one of the best RPG games to ever be released it was always inevitable tha at some point in the future we would be blessed with the Witcher 4 by once

Shadow Of War Official Gameplay Footage

Shadow of War Official Gameplay Footage New Shadow Of War gameplay footage has been released and shows the game will be a brutal graphical experience, it’s also one of the first games to be announced for Microsoft’s new Project Scorpio coming later this year. Look

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