Far Cry 5 Online Co-Op Mode: Friends For Hire

Far Cry 5 Online Co-Op Mode: Friends For Hire

Ubisoft has announced once the in game tutorial is out the way players will be free to play the whole campaign together with a friend in online Co-Op.

Playing together any earned experience and inventory will carry over following each Co-Op session, this excludes quest-based items however. While exploring the open world each player will be able to see and collect their own loot but only the host player will keep their story progress.

The host player will be able to recruit “Guns For Hire” or “Fangs for Hire” while keeping in mind you can have up to two buddies, with one being another player, join you in your squad.

The release of Far Cry 5 is scheduled for next year on February 27th and will be available on: PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X and PC

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