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EA Confirms Fifa 19 Career Mode And Pro Clubs Will Be Pretty Much Unchanged

The trailer below showcases the final chapter in Alex Hunters story The Journey.


EA has confirmed two of the games most played modes will be basically unchanged for the upcoming Fifa 19. Some fans of the series were worried that EA would be focusing on the addition of the Champions League license being added to Fifa 19 with nothing being mentioned about either Career mode or the Pro Clubs. It has now been confirmed that both modes will be pretty much unchanged from last year, Fifa 19’s lead producer Sam Rivera told Gamespot at Gamescom 2018 “In terms of Career Mode, we decided to make sure the experience with the Champions League was 100% authentic,” “When it’s Champions League day, everything changes–[there’s a] reskin. That was our highest priority.

“But we are listening to our fans. They’ve been requesting more stuff, bigger stuff, in terms of Career Mode [and] in terms of Pro Clubs. There’s discussions right now to see what can be added in the future. We know it’s a very passionate community. At the moment, that’s all we’re announcing for those modes. We are actively having conversations, listening to [the community] to see what else we can bring to those modes.”

The latest installment in the Fifa series will have two new modes available, Survival mode which basically takes a player away everytime you score with the first team to be down to seven players winning. The other thing added is a No Rules option which basically turns the ref off!

Fifa 19 is set to launch September 28th on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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