Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 Themes For Free Anyone?

Sony has released two brand new Final Fantasy VII Remake themes for players to download for free, keep reading to find out how with download links and instructions below.

The first of the two free themes is the Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud theme, this theme is completely free for Playstation Plus members and can be downloaded by clicking this link.

The video below shows the theme in action if you are considering downloading it. Credit to RentaWong for the video.

The other theme is a little different in the fact you need to own the game to get it, however there is a work around to this in the fact you can just put the Final Fantasy VII remake demo in your PSN cart, checkout with it and then you will be able to download the theme absolutely free.

The download link for the demo can be found by clicking this link.

Once you either download the demo or already have the game the other theme can be found by clicking this link.

We are unsure how long these will be free so if you want them I would personally get them downloaded as soon as possible.

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