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Xbox Series X Will Push The All-Access Subscription For Next-Gen Launch, More Than One Next-Gen Console?

Microsoft All Access will make even the higher prices console more accessible to everyone

Microsoft is going to be pushing the use of it’s smartphone style All Access Subscription for the Series X later this year when it’s released. Spencer went on to say Microsoft is looking to “go big” with the All Access launch of the Series X later in the year.

Spencer used the plural, he said Microsoft will “go big with at the launch of the consoles.” He might have simply misspoken, or he may have been talking about Microsoft’s previously discussed plan to launch more than one next-generation console this year.

Could there be more than one next gen console coming from Microsoft?

Microsoft have been said to be working on a lower cost next gen console and with the Series X name it leaves plenty of room for Microsoft to release other next gen consoles.

The All Access program is a great way into gaming without stumping up the full amount straight away and Microsoft clearly see this as crucial with the prices of the next gen console sure to be fairly high and might not attract the average gamer.

In the UK the All Access program costs can be seen below:

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