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Moving Out
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Moving Out Review

Available now on Xbox, Ps4, PC and Nintendo Switch

Version tested: Xbox One X

Moving House, How stressful is moving! Gladly not here, Moving Out is actually enjoyable for once!

I honestly think moving house has to be the most stressful thing ever, I have done it a few times and remember the stress it causes, thankfully the game by Team17 is the opposite! You and your friends can enjoy this one of kind couch co-op and share some serious laughs while doing it!

The first game that springs to mind when looking at Moving Out is Overcooked, there’s good reason for this as they share the same publisher! The colourful and vibrant artstyle look great, as they used to in Overcooked! The music is also absolutely fantastic! Team 17 have launched the game at the perfect time as we all need is a good co-op family fun experience right now to lighten the mood and pass some spare time.

After a very simple tutorial you are told you are a certified F.A.R.T (Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician) What a name! After this you are free to start moving people out and do the job you clearly aren’t at all trained to do!

The game can be played alone but much like Overcooked it is much more fun with playing with others! The first house will be nice and easy and only require you to grab fourteen items, bigger items like beds and sofas can be tricky to get out of tight doors alone but this is where it is more fun with others playing as it will require alot of teamwork to beat the clock.

Each house will have set items to grab but you can’t hang around as there is a time limit and with each time limit you miss your rating will suffer and go down.

While playing with other people Moving Out makes teamwork essential, while it sounds easy shifting things from point A to Point B this isn’t always the case especially as I mentioned with the bigger items, it’s not long till you find yourselves going mad at each other just trying to get simple tasks out the way, obviously in a funny kind of mad way if that makes any sense.

The physics in the game are fantastic and if you have ever played a game like Goat Simulator you will feel right at home with these physics. Your character will be able to grab the item and either push, pull or throw it depending on size but physics impact the way you will do things massively.

Sometimes they can be a little frustrating due to the way the game handles at times, grabbing items with the triggers and only controlling the character with one stick can be tricky pointing them in the right direction but once you get used to them it the game is as fun as it looks in the trailers.

The map is where you will choose your next job and your character will make their way around the map in a removal truck, the one you will need to fill up on the job when you get there. This is another part where physics come into play as it sometimes isn’t just a matter of throwing everything on the truck, sometimes you might be tight for space and actually need to stack things in properly and compactly, again teamwork and planning will come into play here as bigger items may need to go on first.

Team 17 have done a great job at keeping the game feeling fresh especailly when you are basically doing the same thing over and over.

Once you complete the job you will receive a rating on how you did on timing as well as bonus objectives, these include things like grabbing certain items from the house that wasn’t being shown or not breaking any windows etc..

After completing a move you can replay the move to try and do it faster or complete the bonus objectives, this adds alot of replay value to the game and it’s great fun with friends or family to try and better your score.

As I mentioned earlier the visuals are really nice and vibrant, characters are wacky and wonderful and houses have variety to them to keep things from getting stale, as you progress houses change significantly but I won’t add any spoilers for you so don’t worry! One nice retro touch worth a mention has to be certain looking consoles in some houses and huge backed TV’s which bring back some memories!

The music is great and fits the game well as is the voice acting and comments which is full of humour throughout. Some games try to be funny and fail badly but Moving Out has got it pretty spot on, nothing over the top but just enough to get a laugh out of you.


Moving Out is another great co-op game from Team17 that can be played alone but is twice the fun with other players by your side. The visuals are bright and fun as is the game-play and music. The physics are the star of the show here and will add to the humour as does the great voice acting, video clips and comments throughout. Plenty of replay-ability with loads of levels as well as being able to go back and clear it in a faster time or complete bonus objectives. Performance on the Xbox One X was perfect with no slowdown at all. A bonus for Xbox Game Pass owners is Moving Out is included so it is more than worth a try! If you are stuck for something to do and want to spend some time playing a game with the family or friends then Moving Out is more than up to the task of filling your time and giving you a good laugh!


8.4 / 10

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Moving Out











  • Great visuals and performance
  • Stupidly fun with others
  • Sounds and humour are just right and not over the top
  • Lots to do and come back to adding a fair amount of replay value


  • Playing alone doesn't compare to co-op

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