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SoundStage VR Review



SoundStage is a great music development application with only a few little flaws. Playing Soundstage is a great experience once you know what your doing with it, at first everything can be a bit confusing especially with no music knowledge background. There are many tutorials online but this can be tricky to watch and do at the same time with the VR headset on.  I have to say this is not the type of game you have a few mates round and have fun on it unless you really know what your doing as most of the time you will just be completely lost on it and just seem to revert back to the drums and hit them for a while! (Is it just me or does everyone always go straight for the drums)

If you do know what you are doing with it though, well you will definitely enjoy this application, it has so many tools for you to play around with and make your own music such as: samplers, sequencers, synthesizers, electronic percussion instruments, keyboards, drums and much more. Adding your own music to this application is a major plus as you can remix your own songs with your own little twist!

Graphics and frame rate on this were great pretty much 90fps at all times and very smooth and responsive controls with the Oculus Touch Controllers some heavier feedback from them would have been nice, the only thing I’d like to see is more backgrounds, maybe concert halls or stages to add to the immersion.

I think the main flaw is no in game tutorials, this would benefit everyone so much as people with no music knowledge could jump on and start to learn how to make their own music, from watching tutorials online it has been mentioned that they are working on this so hopefully in the future everyone will be able to make their own tracks or remix existing ones. There are a few setups already done for you but you cant help but feel your not getting the whole experience without you actually starting from scratch and building your own setup how you want it. Seriously though get on YouTube and check out some of things you can do.

Price is a steal at just £6.99 from Steam you cannot go wrong, considering how well this works already and being early access I’m sure there will be plenty more to come from the developer so this game is absolutely great value for the price!


  • Responsive controls
  • Import Music
  • Great Price
  • Stable FPS and Graphics
  • Some Tutorials online
  • Good support from developer


  • More feedback from the touch Controllers
  • Music knowledge is really needed to take full advantage of it
  • Changeable backgrounds would be nice
  • In game tutorials are really needed people with no experience

Score: 8.2 out of 10

With in game tutorials its an easy 9.

Would like to thank Developer Logan Olson for sending us the game to review.

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