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Superhot VR Review


I’ve been gradually working through my collection of VR games since I got it before Christmas and this is by far one of the best around, Superhot VR puts you in a slow motion world where you control time by the movement of yourself so when you move time moves. The mechanic works great with VR as it gives you time to react to what is happening around you.

You see someone coming straight at you and you have choices of punch him once in range, pick up the knife and stab him or throw an ash tray at him, but before you decide you need to plan whats next, has he got another red buddy standing in the distance with a gun pointing in your direction waiting to blow your head off? So you grab the ashtray and knife, stab the one coming at you and throw the ash tray at the other one then watch in slow motion to see if you hit your target or if he gets his shot off and your dead starting again unless you go all matrix and start dodging his bullets….

Just always remember if you don’t move everything around you stops too! most levels are always worth looking around slowly before you make any choices on what you are going to do as otherwise you will be left swearing because you have got the two or three hard kills and then a sneaky one appears from the side of you that you didn’t see at the start and he hits or shoots you! Very frustrating if this happens at the end of the level! If you do manage to make it to the end of the section a black pyramid will appear and you need to raise your hands to progress to the next section. Once on the final section after the last enemy is dead another pyramid will appear with grab written on it once you grab this the level is complete and you will be taken to a room with computers in, here you will insert the next level into the computer and put on a headset and go to the next set of levels.

The first few levels are fairly easy its just one or two people running at you throwing arms around trying to punch you but as you progress through the levels it really does start to test you and occasionally frustrate you!

You do need a fairly decent open space to play this, Optimal on the Guardian setup at least as you will be jumping around all over place dodging bullets and throwing stuff.

As you can see from the screenshots the game consists of three main colours, black, red and white. The game world is White, Guns and Objects to use as weapons are black and enemies are red. The game world is clear and does look good but as can be seen lacks any kind of real detail but this is just the art style it is. Enemies are in a human like shape and made of a crystallized material which shatters on impact and does actually work very well. Id personally like to see a bit more variety in the enemies but it really doesn’t take much away from the experience.

You will only need two Sensors for Superhot as well as for the most part you will be facing forwards.

The only letdown for me with Superhot was the fact it just wasn’t long enough, although I do admit I could happily play through the game again due to it not really having any sort of story and just being a very clever arcade shooter/time control game.


  • Great Immersion
  • Time control is a great feature
  • Controls are very responsive
  • One of the best VR games to date


  • Very short in length around 2-3 hours of game play
  • Can be a little slow to start with
  • Different types of enemies would add variety

Score: 8.5/10

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