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Final Goalie VR Review


From the Developers:

Play against real goalkeepers!
Do you have an HTC Vive or Oculus Touch? Do you know someone who does? Try the most original football multiplayer game thanks to the connection between Final Kick (iOS/Android) and Final Goalie (VR)
Try the multiplayer experience between the different platforms of mobile and virtual reality!

1 – Simulator Mode

For lovers of pure football 100% realistic graphics and animations made by capturing the movements of professional players.
You can choose between playing a quick game or try and defeat 150 levels where you face the best teams in the world!

2 – Arcade Mode

A super fun madness!!! You can catch and throw balls to activate the most diverse and spectacular power-ups such as slow-motion, giant gloves, etc.
As with the Simulator Mode, you can choose between playing quick game or make your way through 150 varied levels.

3- Multiplayer HTC-VIVE/OCULUS TOUCH VS mobile

Compete against your friends in the novel and fun Online Mode where you can make penalty shots from your smartphone with the Final Kick game (free app with over 20 million players)
Hilarious interaction where your friends will see you moving in real time from their smartphones!

My review on Final Goalie:

Hardware Used:

  • I7 4790k Overclocked
  • GTX 980Ti
  • 16GB Ram
  • Oculus Rift headset and Touch Controllers


Very fast setup and once started you are basically ready to play, just pick up the ball in the ring that has the mode you want to play and away you go!

The Setup options are strangely a little hidden, on the main screen where you choose the mode you want It’s directly behind you.

In this menu you can adjust standing height and Graphics quality. Maybe in a future update the size of the goal could be altered to give people with smaller spaces the opportunity to play.


Final Goalie is actually very fun as a pick up and play game and you could waste hours just trying to beat you’re best score or trying all the challenges of story mode, the physics on the game the way the ball swerves can be a little annoying as they are unrealistic in arcade mode and in simulator mode the ball is hit so hard you barely get time to react to it. This could all be the fact I am a pretty useless goalkeeper in real life so thinking I would be any better on here was just stupid thinking!

The game modes all add extra value to the game and tend to keep you coming back, Multiplayer is great fun, actually being able to play against someone else that is in the room on their phone really makes it a great game to play with friends over, it is nice to be able to involve others in the VR Experience so they are not just sitting there watching!

Game Modes:

Final Goalie consists of 4 main game modes, simulation, arcade, story and multiplayer mode. From the start arcade and story mode are locked, arcade is unlocked by saving 5 shots in simulation mode and story mode is unlocked by saving 10 shots in arcade mode. While this sounds easy I can tell you it isn’t and sometimes extremely frustrating!

Arcade mode is great fun, It is basically a row of cannons lined up in front of you blasting balls at you, the balls tend to change to other things such as tennis balls and beach balls and occasionally bombs which you shouldn’t catch. Every time you catch a ball you get a point and a wall will pop up with bonuses on it, if you throw the ball back and hit it you get the bonus which isn’t easy as you will have other stuff coming at you while this is happening that you need to try and catch.

Simulation mode is HARD you will have a row of footballers in front of you taking it in turns to absolutely smash the ball at you! I was absolutely crap on this mode but I’m still blaming my room being to small as in real life I’m the David De Gea of Sunday league football. (Well i like to dream but i don’t even play in goal or Sunday league :s)

Story mode is set challenges and give the game a bit of an area for you to achieve something rather than just constantly trying to dodge bombs and catch beach balls.

Multiplayer is great fun and one of the best modes on the game, you grab the multiplayer ball and get your friend to download the app on their phone once they have it you will put in the code that you are showing on the PC screen onto their phone and that’s it you are ready to both play. They will use a finger flick on the phone to control where the ball goes and the power and you will have to try and save it. You will be shown on the phone in real time as well which is a nice feature.


Very Impressive for the most part and even when i found the settings menu, you can increase the quality even higher! Can also confirm a stable 90fps at all times on medium or high quality setting, no stutters or jumps while playing. The only little thing that was irritating was the ball apparently going in and when you turn around the ball isn’t in the net at all as it had gone straight through it.


Sound quality is good, the sound of thunder crackles above while you have footballs pummeled at you! Also have some stadium noise from the crowd as well as hearing the ball being kicked which can help with the direction it is coming from if you wasn’t watching at the time.

Controls And Space Needed:

I found the controls very good and tracked extremely well with my Oculus Touch Controllers even when moving really fast, space can be a major problem for this game. I was playing with optimal space on the guardian system and i was still smacking the wall every now and again, the trouble is the goal posts are basically in line with the sides of your guardian setup (my wall!) but i did find at times the posts were past the wall so saving a shot close to the post was near on impossible! Most shots are aimed in the corners so this can be extremely frustrating and painful!

This game needs some serious clear space or you will be smacking he controls on walls or lights all the time.

In story mode you will move around the rooms by pointing to where you want to go and teleport to it.



At the time of writing this review of Final Goalie It’s an absolute steal at its price of £4.49 on steam in the sale. Usual price at £14.99 is still not a bad price as the game has a fair bit to offer as in modes and a good laugh with your mates but like I say at the sale price of £4.49 I can 100% say pick it up now!!


  • Pick up and play
  • Multiplayer mode is great
  • graphic’s quality and stable frame rate


  • Big clear space needed
  • Little glitchy with balls through nets
  • Can get a little repetitive


Great fun game with or without friends, makes you workout a little while playing. Graphics are really good and all the modes available tend to have something for everyone. Space needed for this is a major issue, anything near the where the posts are in VR in the real world will probably get hit at some point as your flying across to try and save the ball!

Score: 8.0



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