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Table Top Racing World Tour Xbox One Review

Table Top Racing World Tour Xbox One Review

Release Date – March 10th 2017

Can be bought from the Microsoft store Here

Description from the developers:

Pint-Sized, Powered-Up Racing! Get behind the wheel of 16 ultra-cool, fully tuneable miniaturized racing cars and take on 32 race tracks and some devious opponents through a comprehensive ‘Championship Mode’ and a multitude of ‘Special Events’. Get online for an 8 player multi-player battle and become the ultimate Table Top racer! Crush your enemies using cunning ‘Power-ups’ and unique ‘Wheel Weapons’ and blast your way to victory! Miniaturized, combat racing has never looked so good or been so much fun.

Table Top Racing: World Tour for Xbox One Key Features:

  • 8 PvP online multiplayer combat racing
  • 9 Unique gameplay modes spread throughout the Championships
  • 120+ Varied and challenging events
  • 32 Dynamic circuits based around 8 themed locations
  • 16 Ultra-cool micro racers inspired by some of the world’s most iconic cult cars
  • 8 Cunning Power-Up weapons many with attack and defence capabilities to explore
  • 6 Super-powerful “Wheel Weapons” to give you the upper hand
  • Official “YO! Sushi” race track (it’s a UK sushi restaurant chain we like eating at)
  • 25+ Track exclusive Breakbeat soundtrack by @ItsWesSmithYo (Juice Recordings, San Diego)
  • Pint-Sized, Powered-Up Racing has never looked so good or been this much fun!


My review of Table Top Racing World Tour

In this fast paced racer you will need to think quick, turn sharp and fight your way to the finish! With the Xbox One version finally being released you will gain the advantage of getting all the DLC packs included as standard!

Table Top Racing is just one of them games that has you thinking I will have one more race and then an hour later your still sitting there because it’s addictive and just fun! The game was created by the co-creator of the Wipeout series and you can feel that in the way the game handles. Controls are sharp and fast, opponents are powerful and aggressive and will punish you at any opportunity!

Progression is achieved by collecting stars by winning races, finish in the top three or you will have to try again! There are three main championships Cult Classics, Street Racers and Supercars in which you will work your way up by winning races gaining stars and XP.

Each Championship has 4 small championships inside which then have all the events inside where you will be battling for stars to eventually unlock the Finale which is a three race championship in which restarting is no longer an option or you will have to start from the first race in that finale championship.


Graphics are crisp, with vibrant colours, each track while relatively small, holds a fair amount of detail and will actually make you feel like a tiny toy car out in the big real world! Each track will have massive items spread out on the track such as massive pool balls or spray cans which can be knocked out the way, all adding to the immersion of it being actual Table Top Racing. Cars all have a really nice art style and while having no officially licenced cars you will be able to clearly make out what the car is supposed to be, From the Baguetti to the Fauxrari.  Sadly something that isn’t in the game is any car damage, not even cosmetical which would have been nice but at the same time Table Top Racing is never trying to take itself too serious, it was never trying to be a racing sim and that’s not exactly a bad thing.


I was impressed with the sound, music was great with some decent music that went well with the high speed racing/fighting going on. Cars sound good with a cross between an RC car and a real car type sound.


The way the Table Top Racing plays is just pure fun! Dare I say it that it even has a slight feel to it that reminded me of the legendary Mario Kart! Power-ups are scattered throughout the tracks which will give you a slight advantage against your opponent, these include things like homing rockets, ice, lightning, and speed boosts. Once you get further into the game you will unlock superweapon power-ups, these are acquired by picking up two power-up bubbles on track. You will need these if you are going to win races because the game is extremely challenging,  I found myself actually having to try hard to win races and sometimes left extremely frustrated right before the finish line, with someone deciding to take me out and take the win on the line!

Cars have a decent upgrade path too, you will be able to change the look of your clapped out old beetle to a nice sparkly Herbie wannabe with spinners for rims, drift wheels or even spikes to damage your fellow racers! However them go faster stripes sadly won’t improve the performance of the vehicle, there is though an upgrade system for each car and you will be able to upgrade top speed, acceleration, handling and armour. These upgrades will make a massive difference to each car and will really test your skill trying to guide/drift them around the track!

Difficulty is very much there and can leave you majorly frustrated at times, the game is far from easy and AI can be a little overaggressive, ramming you at any second! You will then find yourself completely out of control stuck against them into a wall or even off the track! This can completely kill the race for you and if on one of the last laps you won’t have a chance to win so restarting will be the only option. I did find the armour upgrade helped slightly but still found myself being pushed around a fair bit. AI apart from being aggressive at times will give you a really good challenge, you will genuinely be fighting to the end!

Each track is relatively small and it does help to stop the game getting repetitive as you will be on the next track before you know it. There are also supercoins spread around each track which will gain you massive coin bonuses, some are hidden, some are extremely hard to reach and some are just off the racing line so keep an eye out for them as they can help with buying you next Fauxrari with playrelli tyres!


Everything felt responsive and sharp, once you upgrade your cars the controls and game really come to life, drifting is great and takes skill to just get yourself to the finish line in first place! I can’t stress enough how much difference the upgrades make to the way the cars drive, drift tyres make things very interesting and really are a challenge in a higher powered car!


For £11.99 from the Microsoft store it is great value, plenty of different event types in career mode. There’s also 16 different cars which all have upgrades to be brought and will keep you interested along the way. There’s also an online multiplayer mode so if you eve manage to complete the single player experience there’s still more for you and your friends to enjoy on Xbox Live!


  • Good amount of event types
  • Graphics look good
  • Stable smooth framerates
  • Challenging
  • Customize cars
  • Price is great value for money


  • Overaggressive AI
  • Can get pushed around a little to easy
  • Frustrating at times when other cars hit you and pull you off the road




It’s a fun, fast, aggressive little racer with plenty to do. Good variety of race options and car tweaks! Tracks are a little short but different event types keep things from getting stale. Good graphical detail and some good music tracks on offer. Multiplayer adds replayability once the career mode is finally completed. Few more cars in future updates would be nice but the 16 available give you good choice for now. Brilliant value for a bargain price!

Score: 7.8/10

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