Nintendo Switch Finally Getting A Great Xbox One And PS4 Feature!

Nintendo Finally Adding Much Needed Feature

Nintendo Switch users will be glad to finally hear Nintendo will be adding to a very so far small app store in the near future.

With PS4 and Xbox One having some great apps already it’s about time Nintendo caught up and it’s been reported that the Netflix app is ready for release any day now!

The popular streaming app is already present on both the Wii and Wii U so it was always thought that Nintendo would add it to the Switch.

The addition of Netflix to the Switch will be a great addition, being able to watch all your favorite shows on the go or docked onto the TV will be a great feature and another great selling point for the Switch which has already been a massive success!

Since launch in March 4.7 million units have sold up until the end of June.

With Netflix coming and just waiting for the final approval from Nintendo, many Switch owners will be excited to see what will follow in the apps department…

What apps would you like to see? YouTube? Facebook? Twitter? Web Browser? Amazon Prime Video? The possibilities are endless….

Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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