Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Monster Hunter World Will Have Very Important Day One Update on XBox One And PS4!


With the highly anticipated launch of Monster Hunter World coming this Friday 26th, Capcom has confirmed a very important day one patch will need to be installed to play online!

The version 1.01 update will be around 815mb’s in size which will vary slightly depending on the console you are playing on.

The update will inportantly add online multiplayer, chat, and event quests among other online features, the patch is essential to play online and multiplayer won’t be available without it. As well as multiplayer features added the patch will also fix some of the games bugs as well as adding gallery mode. Gallery mode will allow players the ability to watch cutscenes again that they have previously watched.

Capcom has said they plan to add free new monsters and weapons regularly to the game following the official release on consoles come January 26th. The first major update for Monster Hunter World should arrive sometime this spring and will add the deadly Deviljho!




The PC version is also in development but isn’t planned to be release until sometime this fall with Capcom wanting to “get the PC version as good as possible”

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