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Seagate Announce SSD Drive For Xbox One

Seagate Announce SSD Drive For Xbox One

With E3 2018 releasing information about loads of games coming in the future we all have the major worry of running out of storage to actually install all of these games! Fortunately E3 has a solution and it’s a little bit better than the average storage solution.

The External hardrive that they are releasing will be available in three different sizes, 2TB, 1TB and 500GB. Now while you may think we already have bigger sizes available the Seagate is actually an SSD drive! The normal external hard drives can actually be a little slow to load from but the SSD is much faster and any PC gamer would back this claim up with an SSD actually essential to any PC build! The external SSD also connects to the Xbox One’s USB 3.0 and doesn’t need a separate power cord!

The main drawback to Solid State Drives has always been the cost, sadly there isn’t any UK prices yet but it is thought that the 2TB will cost around $600, 1TB $300 and the 500GB coming in at $150.

Some will question if the external SSD is actually worth the huge outlay for less storage than other standard external hardrives but it depends if you want the extra speed that an SSD offers…

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