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Controllers everywhere has always been an issue for a long time in my house but I think we finally we have a solution, best thing is it won’t cost a fortune either!

With the sheer amount of consoles in the house controllers really start to stack up and I have always found that they never really go away tidy anywhere without the worry also of them getting damaged. The Oivo wall mount has solved that in our house now though as they can be stored away out of sight and safely too.

Receiving the mount the packaging was clear and tidy with a professional look about it, although made in China all the text was in English with instructions how to mount on the box as well as a warranty card inside.

The wall mount is cheap enough to buy a few at £14 a pair from Amazon, the build quality and the fact they can go anywhere make them perfect to keep controllers safe and everything tidy!

The mounts fit any controller I have tried the usuals, PS4, Xbox and Switch Pro, but the mount will also fit any others you can think of because of it’s shape! The best bit is the way it fits, they can either be screwed into a surface or stuck to it with the included sticky pads, the pack also includes two spare ones in case you decide you need to move it.

I tried both screwed to a wall as well as trying the sticky pads, I was concerned about how well the pads would stick but after pulling and moving the mount as much as possible they aren’t going anywhere at all! The pads are good quality and very strong, more than enough to hold the weight of a controller, even my elite controller which is a little heavy wasn’t a problem.

Screwed to the wall as you would expect has exactly the same effect and the kit comes with screws and rawlplugs ready if you do decide you want it on the wall. I personally mounted both to the back of my monitor so the controllers are tidy and out of sight.

As well as controllers the mounts are also perfect for headsets as the picture shows, they even have enough spare sticking out to wrap the cable around if your headset isn’t wireless.

The materials used to make the mounts is a good solid plastic and the mounts can be folded away when not in use which is another good feature meaning you can hide them away even more.

The top of the mount has the brand Oivo engraved in it and that also looks very professional and well done, all in all they are a good looking mount that is well made and more than up to the job.

The mounts come with a 3-year support, 45-day return policy and a 90-day replacement policy.


If you are after somewhere to hang controllers or headsets the Oivo mount is more than up to the job. The materials used are of good quality, strong and look tidy as well. The branding on the top looks professional and in the box everything is included that you would need to get them fixed and ready to use. They can be folded away when not in use which is an added bonus, mounting can be done with a screw or a sticky pad which is all included for the price which at £14 for two is a bargain. All in all a very solid mount with no flex.



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Oivo Controller/Headset Wall Mount





  • Great build quality with good materials
  • Folds away making it even more compact
  • Holds every controller you can think of as well as headsets
  • Comes with everything needed to mount as well as a few spares
  • All very professional and tidy including the packaging

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