Mon. Jun 10th, 2024

The PS5 heat-sink Patent is now available for public viewing and can be seen by clicking HERE.

From reading the patent it looks like Sony is mounting the heatsink on the opposite side of the board which may have holes there for the cooling system

A description for some of the patent is listed below:

A heatsink (21) is disposed on a lower surface of a circuit board (10). The circuit board (10) has through holes (h1) that penetrate the circuit board (10) in an area (A) where an integrated circuit apparatus (5) is disposed. Heat conduction paths (11) are provided in the through holes (h1).

The heat conduction paths (11) connect the integrated circuit apparatus 5 and the heatsink (21). This structure allows for disposition of a component different from the heatsink (21) on the same side as the integrated circuit apparatus (5), thus ensuring a higher degree of freedom in a component layout.

The PS5 is due to launch towards the end of 2020 with the Xbox Series X also coming around the same time, Microsoft has shown the console but this information is pretty much the most we have had from Sony aside from the Dualsense Controller.

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