Codemasters Hints At New Game Saying “Prepare For Something Different”

Codemasters hints at new game saying “Prepare For Something Different” New Dirt Maybe?

Codemasters already have many great games in their roster including Dirt & Dirt 2.0 as well as F1 2019 with 2020 to come very soon with the release date announced already.

Codemasters have taken to Twitter though to fuel the fire that another game is in the works that we don’t know about yet.

Dirt’s Twitter page Tweeted:

Whilst one journey remains FLAT OUT, another journey is about to begin. A letter to our incredible DiRT Rally 2.0 players: Now, prepare for something… different.

Then Codemasters Tweeted a new profile picture and then commented saying “prepare for something different”

With both Dirt and Codemasters pages saying prepare for something different I can only imagine it would be a new Dirt game, maybe Dirt 3.0 or a more arcade-style game like Dirt 4 was. The comments on Twitter were pretty varied in what they thought it was with some saying even a Toca remake! What do you think is in the works? Let us know in the cooments below!

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