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WRC 10 Review

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Version tested: PS5 & Xbox Series X

So in 2021 we have another WRC game but is it any good and do the next-gen improvements make it a worthwhile purchase over its predecessor?

WRC 8 & 9 were very good rally games so 10 really has its work cut out to make the purchase worthwhile but this year WRC 10 should benefit from some real next-gen improvements. WRC is an officially licensed game so as you would expect this year’s offering removes tracks from the calendar that are no longer in this year’s rally stage while adding the ones that are now going to have some of these extreme rally beasts clinging on to every bit of traction they can get!

For me, rally is one of the most skillful if not the most skillful sports in the world, this being said you have to expect the game will be pretty hard then, players of the Dirt series will totally back this up so getting the difficulty right is really important, too hard and some gamers just won’t want to play and too easy will just have gamers going back to the sim benchmark that Dirt set years ago! I am happy to report that WRC seems to have got things right in WRC 10 with plenty of different options to adjust the difficulty to everyone’s preference.

We were lucky enough to get both versions of the game and able to test both and the main difference for me was the controllers, while the Xbox controller has really good force feedback the PS5 Dualsense felt fantastic with the adaptive triggers making a real difference and the vibrations giving a great indication of the traction and road surface type. The Speaker in the Dualsense was also a great feature the Xbox missed out on with the Dualsense firing out different sound effects as you hit things and surface changes on the different stages.

When it comes to the visuals and performance both consoles were pretty much level and the game itself looked great, and the performance was smooth throughout. The stages are set across seven different countries and all feature lots of detail and look very realistic.

Now possibly the most important bit the cars! WRC 10 has a really good selection to choose from including up-to-date WRC models, WRC 2/3, Junior WRC, and my personal favorite the Legendary ones! Each of these different rally monsters all handled very differently depending on each car’s power and drivetrain specifications and all featured a good amount of detail.

The modes in WRC 10 will surely have something to please everyone, the online multiplayer works well and I didn’t encounter any issues with it aside from most people are much better rally drivers than me! The career mode (Which I spent the most time with) is deep and allows you to progress and build up your team to the very top. The co-driver mode is a little different and nice addition allowing you and a friend to work as a team and tackle a stage as driver and co-driver.


WRC 10 is a very strong addition to the rally genre, the difficulty balance seems to be just right and there is plenty of different modes so everyone should find something that suits them. Lots of different cars and stages as well as a very in-depth career mode. Visuals are great as are the sound effects, all in all, WRC 10 is a worthy upgrade over the already very good predecessor! If you enjoy rally there is definitely something here for you!


8.6 / 10

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Code was provided free of charge for my honest unbiased review.

WRC 10











  • Great visuals, performance and sound
  • Lots of modes, with very strong career mode
  • Decent selection of cars and trackss
  • PS5 Dualsense features better feedback and the speaker sound effects sound great.

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