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Far Cry 6 Review

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Version tested: Xbox Series X

Far Cry 6 is a return to the fun mayhem-fueled games in the series before! It takes full advantage of the next-gen power and it certainly is the type of game many have been patiently waiting for!

After the success of Assassins Creed Valhalla Ubisoft has gone on to produce a fun and exciting new FPS shooter set in the open world of Yara! Taking control of the game’s main character Dani Rojas (Can be either male or female) you will be tasked with overthrowing a new dictatorship led by a foe called Castillo.

As part of a group trying to escape the country, you will first come across Castillo and also his son Anton who he is pushing to follow in his footsteps. On the boat with your fellow Yarans, Castillo executes the group but somehow you manage to survive and find yourself washed up on a beach, from here you agree to join a revolution against Castillo called Libertad in exchange for a boat to freedom into the USA. After doing all that is asked of Rojas the Libertad’s persuade you to stay and help put an end to Castillo’s dictatorship, this is where the story of both revenge and freedom really starts!

The massive open world is a pretty hostile place with this all in mind as anyone who isn’t a true Yaran will be shot on sight making the world a very dangerous place to explore at first, as in other Far Cry games though you can clear out some of the threats by taking out camps and outposts along the way. Attacking these different locations can be done with either a guns-blazing approach or a silent and stealthy one depending on how the player prefers to do it. Using stealth you are able to scout out a location with your phone and mark up different targets as well as things like alarms and camera’s which can be disabled by shooting them or if you get close enough actually by disabling it. Obviously, some of the stealth is heavily impacted by having the right equipment when it comes to guns.

The Guns in Far Cry 6 are great and the customisation is fantastic, it really isn’t long before you are acquiring some of the better weapons and fitting different silencers and customisations to improve them further. Weapons range from assault rifles to grenade launchers and flame throwers.

One of the biggest and most powerful weapons in Far Cry 6 has to be the Supremo and Resolver weapons! Made out of random parts they don’t really look the part but don’t be fooled they pack a serious punch! The Supremo Rojas will start with is basically a rocket launcher, when activated it will fire off multiple rockets and home in on multiple targets, I found this essential earlier on in the game against some of the vehicles and helicopters that tend to chop you down pretty quickly. The other weapon the resolver is of the same build type, using random parts Rojas will gain another handheld weapon for instance a nail gun, this is highly effective against unarmoured targets. The weapons on offer are a really good selection and I would be pretty certain there is something within the game that will eventually end up your go-to!

Dressing Dani isn’t cosmetical in Far Cry 6 and actually does aid survival with equipping different items giving Rojas different perks.

Vehicles are very present here and aside from being able to acquire them from NPC’s driving around in the game world they can also be unlocked and then delivered, boats, cars, planes, helicopters, and even tanks will all be at your disposal soon enough!

The weapons and vehicles are strong in Far Cry 6 but the main strength has to be the game setting in Yara, it looks and feels fantastic! Places have plenty of life and you will constantly be left helping people that have been taken prisoner along the way. Sometimes doing this and freeing them they will actually grab a gun and help you in the fight. Companions are another asset with the first one you gain actually being a Crocodile with the name Guapo, it even has its own t-shirt! Unsurprisingly your buddy does a pretty good job bringing down anyone attacking you or anyone you send them off to attack. There are multiple different companions to obtain along the way and all have their very own perks to help you select the one that will help the most.

Now just quickly onto a couple of negatives with the first being the way the game is set out and it has to be the repetitiveness, the first few hours capturing checkpoints and outposts in Yara is fun but after a while, it does start to wear a little thin and will just turn into a bit of a chore at times. The other has to be the bugs but this is to be expected with a game and an open world this size, nothing is game breaking but there will be a few noticeable issues along the way. The game world is pretty random at times and hunting animals can be important as the resources earned from hunting can be used to acquire more valuable items to help craft better equipment.

For me Far Cry 6 is refreshing and the game’s main boss Castillo was superb! Castillo and his son were a very interesting mix and different from what we are used to in the previous games. The voice acting was great although leaving subtitles on is probably the way to go if you don’t know Spanish as the game does tend to just throw in a few random Spanish phases but for the majority, the game is spoken in English. The story itself is also strong and well-told, never difficult to understand what is really happening throughout.

Aside from the main story and capturing different locations there are a few other things to keep you constantly getting distracted from the main path in the game, the in-game fishing is actually pretty addictive as well as the hidden treasures scattered around that you will often find yourself sneaking off to try and find. There is also the very weird Tekken-style rooster fighting mini-game, I will just leave that there but you will see what I mean when you get playing, it also isn’t long before your hitting side quests and will find out just how powerful these roosters actually are!

Visuals and performance were pretty impressive on the Series X, I can’t honestly say I noticed any real slowdown while playing and visually the world of Yara was simply breathtaking at times and really showed us what the Series X is actually capable of! The sound was also very impressive, as already mentioned the voice acting was fantastic and this can also be said for the in-game sound effects such as explosions and guns! Headshots are distinctive and explosions are loud and really carry well, all guns sounded different depending on type and attachment making Far Cry 6 a very strong package and something that any Far Cry fan will most definitely enjoy!


The open world of Yara is a beautiful place to explore with some very well-written characters and great voice acting. Visually Far Cry 6 looks amazing and runs just as good on the Series X as well as some really good sound effects with guns sounding and feeling distinctive and punchy! A great selection of guns, equipment, and vehicles keep things feeling fresh with the only negative being the old Far Cry formula of repetitively capturing outposts and checkpoints. The storyline is well throughout and possibly one of the best in the Far Cry series so far, Castillo and his son are a very interesting mix, this is without mentioning all of the sidequests and even the addictive fishing minigame. Ubisoft has done a great job with Far Cry 6 and making a game well worth playing from start to finish as there really is plenty of replayability and reasons to just keep coming back.


9.1 / 10

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Far Cry 6











  • Beautiful visuals and solid performance
  • Fun combat and gameplay with punchy and distinctive weapons
  • Interesting story with great characters
  • Lots to explore and some interesting side games such as fishing and rooster fighting.


  • As expected for an open world game of this size there is some bugs and glitches
  • Capturing checkpoints and outposts can get repetitive.

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