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Do Sony Have A Switch Rival Planned

Sony Patent released that show Sony could have their very own Nintendo Switch rival in the works.   NEOGaf user Ponpo has uncovered a Patent from Sony filed in 2015 but has since been made public. The patent from Sony shows a central screen with prolonged controllers on either

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EA Have Announcement About Star Wars Battlefront

Electronic Arts Announcement about Battlefront DLC EA have today said on twitter they have no plans of adding any further DLC for Star Wars Battlefront. This would seem as though EA and Dice are concentrating on the sequel Battlefront 2. The last DLC for Battlefront

Lego Worlds gets Official Release Date

Lego Worlds Release Date Lego Worlds will be releasing on the 10th of March on Xbox One, PS4 and PC (Or now for Early Access available through Steam) Lego Worlds was originally destined to hit the shops on the 24th of February but got held back

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