Xbox Series X Backwards Compatibility Will Help In Fight Against PS5

Microsoft since details emerged of it’s next gen console, told us that backwards compatibility will be very easy on the Series X and all you will need is an external drive containing the Xbox One games to play.

The further backing that backwards compatibility is seamless is the fact the Series X will be able to just access the drive and play, no patches, no files to transfer it will just play.

Series X Plug & Play

This information come from Xbox Series X’s program management director Jason Ronald, Ronald said “You can easily just take the existing external hard drive that you have, unplug it from your current console, plug it into your Xbox Series X, and all your games are instantly available to you.” “You can continue to run all those games directly off that external drive.”

The Series X will come with 1TB of SSD storage so being able to use an external drive in this way will make it easier to keep the internal drive clear ready for any new games that come out.

The backwards compatibility is great for early adopters of the console as there never really is a great selection of games at launch (hopefully this time there will be) so being able to play any of your old library will keep players busy while waiting for some of the bigger titles, it also means you can still play you favourite games with friends who are yet to get the Series X.

We were treated to the trailer for Grounded from Microsoft so if you haven’t already seen it check it out HERE.

Upscaling is hopefully one benefit we will see with the Series X expected to do a go job here too, at least 4K everywhere we would imagine, maybe 8K in the future if you have the TV to support it!

The PS5 Will Be Backwards Compatible.

This is one thing the Series X will have to help battle Sony’s PS5 as the PS5 will still have some backwards compatibility but only be able to run some of the PS4 titles available. Some titles will have Incompatibility issues which means they won’t be able to use the full power of the PS5.

It is an interesting race between these two giants, Sony is yet to reveal their design but have shown off the controller whereas Microsoft have shown us what to expect. Could Sony yet have something up their sleeve only time will tell on that one I guess..

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