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OIVO Nintendo Switch Pro Grip Review

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The Nintendo Switch really wasn’t designed with big hands in mind and after a short while of having the console I imdiately invested in a grip, not only to protect my console but also with the added side grips to make it more confortable to hold for long periods of time.

I only brought a cheap silicone one at the time but recently I saw the Oivo grip/stand. My old grip was more than up to the job when it come to comfort but something that always annoyed me was the hassle of getting it back of when I wanted to dock the console, the material was so stiff and tight I sometimes wondered if I was actually damaging the Joy-Cons getting it off and this is where the Oivo came in and made things a million times easier!

While the Oivo grip doesn’t quite offer the protection of a silicone grip it more than makes up for it in so many other ways!

I will start with the ease of taking the Switch in and out of the grip, it literally just slides in and out effortlessly! There are little rubber strips that hold the Switch in tight and also stop any damage from the console rubbing against the grip itself.

There is a more secure way to hold the console in place if not using the stand and this comes from the stand itself. The stand will flip up from the back and clip over the top of the console holding the Switch securely in place, there is even a cutout where the exhaust vent is on the Switch to help with the airflow out of the console.

The stand is really secure, I was surprised just how sturdy the unit was when stood up! The stand itself is very solid and doesn’t accidentally fold at all, Oivo seems to have got the tension on the hinge just right as it’s easy to move when securing to the Switch with the stand bracket or getting the angle right but once it’s in the correct position it doesn’t move around or try to fold. The great thing about the stand having so much adjustment is the fact you can angle the Switch at the perfect angle for however you need it, a major improvement on the consoles flimsy built in stand.

The Joy-Cons don’t need to be attached to the console while the stand is being used so you are free to take them out and use them, just leaving the console standing by itself in the grip. They can be left in if you had another controller and would make the unit more secure but

The grips themselves work perfectly for me when using the console, even maybe just a little more comfortable than the old silicone grip I had previously. As with the Oivo controller mounts we reviewed previously the materials used are of good quality and look very professional especially with the smart Oivo branding on the back of the grip.

One of my favourite things about this grip is the game storage on the back! Up to five games can be stored safely in the back of the grip meaning you can take more games with you on the go!

Each Game cartridge compartment has a soft lining that holds the games in securely, safely and won’t damage the games in anyway which would have been my main concern.

The last thing I want to mention is the control stick covers that also come included with the grip, the same as the grip they are well made and stay in place well, great from anyone with damaged thumb sticks or to protect the original ones. One set is slightly larger which may be preferred by some.


The Oivo Switch grip case is well made from good solid materials while there is plenty of protection on the case to stop the actual Switch console with rubber soft grips stopping the console from getting scratched. The stand is solid and has lots of adjustment to get the right angle, it also doubles as a way to secure the Switch in place when using it in handheld mode. The added game storage on the back is a fantastic idea and works perfectly with up to five games being held in securely and safely. While some may be ok just holding the Switch without any sort of grip, anyone with larger hands will be more than aware that after a while the small Switch unit can become uncomfortable and this is where the Oivo grip is fantastic and makes everything much more comfortable with it’s perfect sized grips. I can safely recommend this to anyone wanting to invest in a grip for the Switch and I am sure you won’t be at all disappointed.


9.2 / 10

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OIVO Nintendo Switch Pro Grip





  • Great build quality with good materials
  • Grips are comfortable especially for those with larger hands
  • Stand is stury and holds console well when using the grip in handheld
  • Storage for up to five games in the back of the grip, All held safely and securely


  • Not really a con but if Oivo made a hard case to store the grip with Switch attached this would be a perfect travel package!

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