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Oivo PS5 Controller Charging Dock

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After reviewing a few Oivo products over the last year I was very eager to get hold of their next-gen accessories. Oivo was good enough to send us over the PS5 controller charging dock and also the Series X one which the review will be coming for very soon so check back soon if you are interested in the Series X Controller Charger review. If you haven’t already don’t forget to check out our full review of the Series S HERE.

One thing that always impressed me when it comes to previous Oivo products was the high build quality, I am happy to say the next-gen accessories from Oivo are no different! The PS5 Controller Charger Dock is a perfect match for the PS5 with a similar colour scheme as well as being made from solid materials that feel and look fantastic.

The controller for the PS5 (DualSense) fits into the charging dock perfectly as the small dongle tip slots in and then begins to charge the controller.

The dock has a LED display on the front which lights up showing when a controller is connected and if it is charging or fully charged, this is displayed with a red controller icon for charging and a green one when the controller is fully charged.

Controllers fit perfectly into the dock and the little dongle slots into the charger and begin charging straight away. A thing to note is the controller won’t charge unless the PS5 is switched on or left in rest mode, if turned off completely there is no power sent to the USB ports which results in no power to charge the controller. This isn’t ideal but it isn’t really Oivo’s fault but there are ways around it by plugging the USB straight into a USB plug and just charge from a wall socket If you don’t have a plug or socket near there is also the option to just use a USB port from something else such as an Xbox or even a Nintendo Switch dock.

The Oivo dock also has an on/off switch on the back and also includes 4 charging dongles to use on your other controllers, these are all USB-C dongles so they will only work with the new Dual-Sense Controller. I also tried the new Xbox controller but sadly this doesn’t fit so charging won’t be possible sadly. On the back with the on/off switch is the USB-C connection that is then connected to whatever power source you are going to use, this connection is only used for power and won’t transfer any sort of data.

There are no rechargeable batteries included as the Dual-Sense batteries are built-in. Overall the PS5 Charging Dock from Oivo is a solid purchase and makes things very easy and tidy to use with a matching colour scheme to Sony’s next-generation console.

Last thing to talk about is how fast it actually charges and this was pretty good, if was certainly as fast as plugging a wire directly into the PS5 and being able to just leave the controller on the dock when not in use always made sure my controller was always fully charged and ready for use.


The Oivo PS5 Charging Dock is well worth its reasonable price with solid build quality, compact design, PS5 colour scheme and design and fast charging. The charger has built-in protection against over-heating, over-current, and over-voltage so it is totally safe to use. On/Off switch on the back to turn off when the dock is not in use but also perfectly ok to leave on. Comes with 4 charging dongle/tips to plug into your Dual-Sense controllers which is great if you have more than two controllers and also if you were to lose any of the dongles. The tips do stick out the top of the DualSense and some may find this an eye-sore or even worry about it accidentally getting snapped off if knocked hard enough, obviously, the best thing to do would be to remove it when the controller is in use but I personally had no issues with leaving it sticking out. All in all the Oivo charging dock does a fantastic job, looks great, well built, and performs as good as any other all at a reasonable price. If you don’t want to use wires to charge your Dual-Sense then this really is a great option, the official Sony version of this costs more and is pretty much impossible to get at the moment so it makes this charging dock from Oivo a bit of a no brainer.


8 / 10

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Review unit was provided free of charge for my honest unbiased review.

Oivo PS5 Controller Charging Dock





  • Compact design
  • Extra spare USB-C tips for charging
  • PS5 colour scheme and design
  • Charges fast with plenty of protection to help keep your controllers batteries safe


  • USB-C dongle tips do stick out the top of the controller and could be a concern for some if accidently snapped off

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