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Wild West Dynasty Out Now

Wild West Dynasty Out Now

Available from Steam, and the Epic Games Store

Oberhaching, Germany, February 16, 2023 – The wait is over. Starting today, development team Moon Punch Studio and publisher Toplitz Productions proudly open the Early Access doors to the hotly anticipated genre-blend Wild West Dynasty. Mixing story-driven action adventure with an open world sandbox, a deep, yet intuitive city builder, resource management and roleplaying game, you are invited to experience the fight for survival in the harsh world of the wild frontier in the American west in the 19th century.

“We are very happy to open our vision of the Wild West to the players”, comments Szymon Żebialowicz, development lead and joint managing director of Moon Punch Studio. “We look forward to the feedback from the community, while we take the next steps on our extensive roadmap. We have already a lot of additional content updates planned, from a new biome to explore, the expansion and continuation of the story or more crafting blueprints all the way up to refining the gameplay mechanics.”

Robin Gibbels, Head of Production at Toplitz, adds: “We are extremely proud to finally invite players into the harsh and vast Wild West. Moon Punch Studio put their heart and soul into the creation of this vast open world, filling it with life and interesting mechanics, while pushing the boundaries of the Dynasty franchise.”

In addition to the main game there will be three special Editions available: 

  • The “Settler’s Guide to the Wild West”, a collection of three digital books connected to the game (Game Compendium, Cookbook and Wild West Architect).
  • The Digital Supporter Edition with added extras like the Original Soundtrack with 20 atmospheric tracks of the game, Wallpapers and an exclusive Novel.
  • The Ultimate Edition combining The Settler’s Guide and the Digital Supporter Pack.

Regular content updates are planned with the developed roadmap carved out for the next twelve months already. Among the enhancements and additions planned are a playable female character, the opening of the mountain areas as the third huge biome in the vast open world, a continuation of the dramatic story-line, mini games, further gameplay elements as well as additional supported languages.

Enjoy The Open World

Explore a handcrafted world, travel by foot or on horseback and experience unique environments, each filled with dangers, treasures, secrets and lots of space to realize your city-building dreams.

Survive The Deadly Frontier
Gather, craft, hunt, rear livestock and survive in the unforgiving wilderness. Avoid scorching midday temperatures, stay warm during freezing cold nights, and beware of dangerous wildlife. Bandits lurk at every corner, so you better learn to use weapons and defend yourself, your trading caravans as well as the township.

Build Your Home
From rags to riches: start as a settler, build your own ranch and expand it into a thriving, prosperous town. Create it any way you can imagine and build iconic western locations to realize your vision, from saloons and sheriff offices to blacksmiths and even hotels.

Write Your Own Story
Experience the expansive storyline with dozens of missions, branching dialogues and consequences. Find your own way to survive the Wild West, deal with your history and write your own story by building and expanding your settlement, managing resources, allocating workers and finding vital trade routes to make your settlement grow.

Create your own Dynasty which will last for decades as you shape the Wild West.

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